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I’m a leadership expert known for my highly rated Dose of Leadership Podcast & my ability to transform individuals and cultures.  For me it’s all about being intentional on being Composed, Confident, Consistent, Courageous, & Compassionate in every aspect of our lives.

The leadership bug was implanted in me during my 10-years as an active-duty Marine Corps Officer & Pilot.  In 2001 I landed my dream job as a professional airline pilot but that dream was cut short after the tragic events of 9/11. (September 11th, 2001 was my first official day & I was furloughed on October 1st.)  This furlough thrust me into the corporate arena where I spent the next 16-years putting into practice those unique leadership lessons I learned from my time as a Marine & professional aviator.

For me it’s all about creating cultures of Decentralized Decision Making, where the leadership burden is spread throughout the entire organization. Where everyone thinks & acts as a leader. Where authenticity, transparency, & vulnerability become powerful keys to unlocking purpose, results, & significance.

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The interaction with this unique community creates a level of accountability allowing you to grow into the kind of leader that you were called to be.


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