Victoria Labalme on How to “Risk Forward” and Unlock Our Hidden Genius

Victoria Labalme helps people unlock their hidden genius and perform at their highest levels in work, on stage, on camera, and in life. Her unconventional approach offers a surprising blend of art and business. 

As a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Victoria is known for her Keynote Performances and workshops around the world. Her proprietary systems and strategies have been embraced by hundreds of thousands of people:  

Entrepreneurs, artists, consultants, healers, advisers, professors, scientists, executives, and more than 700 organizations including top team members at Starbucks, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Oracle, Chase, Lowe’s, L’Oreal, PayPal, American Heart Association, MetLife, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the World Bank, universities, cultural institutions, and not-for-profits. 

Victoria has been the trusted consultant to C-suite executives, leading entrepreneurs, artists, and New York Times best-selling authors. She has coached hundreds of elite individuals for high-stakes presentations including keynotes, live streams, PBS Specials, Oprah’s SuperSoul Session, and arena events. 

Her films, performances and theater projects have received critical acclaim from The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Variety, BBC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, and Good Morning America. 

Victoria is the founder of Risk Forward® and Rock The Room®—a full suite of products designed to help individuals and organizations uncover their original ideas and express them with the unexpected twist that distinguishes their work.


Through these uniquely designed, whimsical and thought provoking pages, you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate through uncertainty
  • ​The #1 question to identify what matters
  • 4 insights to help you find your way
  • Why taking action can be a mistake
  • Why your disparate talents are essential to your path
  • How to handle moments of indecision
  • 3 key questions to ask when you get advice
  • ​How to stay on course and know that what you do makes a difference

Twitter – @VictoriaLabalme

Instagram – @Victorialabalme

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