Fall11settingtheexample“Setting the Example”: This is the foundational “Presence Principle”

Whether you know it; whether you like it or not: You are a Role Model!

More leadership responsibility means:

  • A bigger spotlight on you…
  • And less personal freedom

People are always watching you; even when they aren’t “looking” at you.

Perception is Reality

  • You must be constantly aware of how you are being perceived…
  • If you’re perceived to be a thief…then you’re a thief (even though you’ve never stolen anything in your life).
  • Facts are your friends…but sometimes they just don’t matter.
  • It’s best to avoid faulty perceptions all together.
  • Become “maniacally” aware of how you are coming across.

Attention to Detail:

  • The little things matters
  • It can immediately set you apart from the everyday mediocre; it will be noticed.
  • Intentionality & Awareness

Avoid appearing managerial:

  • You don’t like how the toilet is being cleaned?  Then get down on you knees and actively show how you want it to be cleaned.
  • Actively lead on how you want things to be!
  • You don’t do the work for them; but you must be willing to set the example to drive home expectations.

Setting the Example is simply doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Wow. Very impactful. It is true I see this everyday when managers walk by people and are ” too busy to talk” and people have the impression that what they are doing is too important.

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