296 – Sean Dowdell: Author of Tattooed Millionaire & Successful Entrepreneur

seanSean Dowdell was born in 1973 to a lower middle class family in Phoenix, Az. At the age of 18 he entered into the music industry as a drummer and worked his way up eventually signing 3 record deals.

The singer Chester Bennington, eventually became part of one of the biggest rock bands of all time, Linkin Park.  During his time in the band he and other band members opened up his first business called Club Tattoo which would grow into 6 locations in Arizona and eventually two on the magnificent Las Vegas Strip including, Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops and The LINQ Hotel & Casino.

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Tattooed Millionaire is a story about a young man Sean Dowdell that grew up in a lower middle class family in the 1970’s and worked his way up through the music industry in a band called Grey Daze with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Eventually, Sean ended up creating and building his own business in the tattoo and piercing industry called Club Tattoo.

With the help of his wife/partner; Thora and partner (Chester Bennington), they created one of the most successful tattoo and piercing brands in the world and became multi-millionaires that give back to their communities and help other young entrepreneurs.

Sean and Thora are considered among the top in the tattoo and piercing business in the world and are widely considered among the most successful entrepreneurs in their industry. They have many innovations in their field and have 2 patents for software and jewelry design. They have done several worldwide licensing and collaboration programs with other worldwide renowned brands and built their company into a literal empire.

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