rachel-cookeThe Founder of Lead Above Noise, Rachel’s professional experience has spanned Fortune 100 organizations to three-person startups, and a few in between. She has held roles in Human Resources, Client Management, and Operations Leadership.

The breadth and diversity of her experience enable a highly informed perspective on how a business is run from the inside out.   And her unique experience in managing clients, talent, and operations allows her to hone in on key issues and opportunities, ask the right questions, and ultimately bring her clients quickly to actionable solutions.

Rachel believes to her core that great organizations are grounded in great leadership. And her personal mission is to partner with leaders and their teams who believe the same, and are looking for simple (but not easy!!) tools and strategies for evolving their work, and in turn, their ability to deliver delight.

With Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Human Development from Cornell, and Organizational Psychology from Columbia respectively, Rachel’s history has solidly prepared her to partner with leaders in organizations who are looking to unlock excellence and Lead Above Noise.

Download Rachel’s Guide on How to Develop “Super-Candor” in Your Organization


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