MicroDose of Candor | Revisiting a Conversation With Amy Edmonson

The best leaders make it a point to create cultures in which everyone is empowered to speak openly and candidly.  We need to have a mindset where everyone knows that its not their right to challenge each other – its their obligation.

In the Marine Corps is was called Speaking Truth to Power.  All Marines, at every level are encouraged to speak out to leaders who are willing to listen.  

As a professional aviator, the ability to speak openly without fear of reprisal or admonishment is an absolute requirement for safe and effective operations.  There are many an accident that is directly connected with a pilot’s inability or refusal to speak out with candor.

In this episode we also re-visit my April 2020 conversation with Amy Edmonson, Harvard Professor and author of The Fearless Organization, that drives home the power of being Respectfully Candid.

You can listen to the entire episode with Amy Edmonson here: podcast/amy-edmondson/

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