I want you to stop drifting and get on the path to being the authentic leader you were designed to be.”

Those words are from former Pepsi-Cola top executive Lance Tanaka. “It is easy to have a leadership dream, but not so easy to find one’s leadership purpose and carve out a niche that is authentic,” he says.

While in top posts at Pepsi Cola and Cole Haan, Tanaka noticed peers who were unhappy, unfulfilled people despite their career success. Many imitated other successful C-suite execs; all failed to lead from their authentic selves. His 2021 book Dream and Achieve—90 Days to a Life of Purpose is a guide to leadership authenticity.

He established the Lance Tanaka Group, an executive coaching firm that serves the “best of the best” global firms. Lance and his stable of top-flight executives deploy Lance’s Dream and Achieve® (DNA) process to help thousands of C-suite professionals identify their purpose (dream) and find their individual path to realizing it.

As a Japanese-American and after decades doing business in Asia, Lance also has developed unparalleled skills in cross-cultural communications and is a veteran coach in culturally appropriate business interactions. 

Contact us to book Lance for a thoughtful, lively, and informative discussion about his book, tips for executives (and those climbing the corporate ladder) on finding their leadership DNA, and cross-cultural communications.

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