Jon Schram Explains How to Find & Retain Top Talent That Obsesses Over Customer Service

Jon Schram is a husband, father, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of The Purple Guys, a Midwest-based information technology support company.
With over 25 years of Business and IT experience, Jon fully understands the “business of business”. Having built three successful startups, he has learned how to leverage technology that supports growth. He also understands that technology is a tool to be used strategically.


Jon started The Purple Guys because he found that many small business leaders lacked the internal resources to keep their technology and people fully supported.

He was finding that most businesses outsourced their IT only to be met only with frustration due to unreliable, unfriendly, and unpredictable IT Support.
Jon’s pet-peeve is when an “IT helpdesk” is anything but helpful. Therefore, it’s the Purple Guy’s mission to make that frustration go away by providing fast and friendly IT Support, for a predictable price.
As Jon put’s it, “We deliver IT peace-of-mind through our Purple Promise: NoStress Billing, NoWait Response, NoLimit Access. Instead of feeling frustrated, your focus will be on growing your business.”

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