Coaching is an absolute requirement when it comes to becoming an effective leader.  The problem is getting effective coaching and delivering effective coaching is somewhat elusive.

Most coaching training is theoretical, too complicated, too boring, and removed from reality.

In this episode Richard shares how he got into coaching and how he conducts each of his coaching episodes.

Richard shares how he uses the first three questions from Michael Bungay Stanier’s “The Coaching Habit” and the TGOROW Coaching Model in conducting his sessions.

The questions addressed in this episode that Richard uses to start every coaching conversation:

Open with: “What’s on your mind?” This is the perfect way to start; the question is open but focused.

Check in: “Is there anything else on your mind?” Gives the person an option to share additional concerns.

Then begin to focus: “So what’s the real challenge here for you?” The conversation will deepen; now find what’s most useful to look at.

Ask: “And what else (is the real challenge for you)?” There will always be more.

Probe again: “Is there anything else?”

Richard also discusses his general Coaching Model (TGOROW) that can work in any coaching conversation:

T – Topic: What do you want to discuss?

G – Goal: What do you want?

O – Outcome: What do you want to achieve in this session?

R – Reality: What is happening now?

O – Options: What could you do?

W – Way Forward: What will you do?

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