243 – Chuck Blakeman: Founder, Chief Transformation Officer, Crankset Group

81sCww75khL._UX250_.pngChuck Blakeman has an off the grid approach to business that has been adopted by thousands of business founders and leaders. He has bootstrapped eight wildly different business from the ground up, making every mistake possible along the way to some big wins.  Visit ChuckBlakeman.com

As an internationally acclaimed business speaker averaging more than 100+ speaking engagements and workshops per year, he has been quoted and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNNMoney.com, NYTimes.com, other online magazines and small business blogs throughout the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

His company, Crankset Group, works with business founders and leaders around the world to help them make more money in less time and get back to the passion that brought them into business in the first place, so they can build a mature business in support of their Lifetime Goals.

Chuck’s vision is to live well by doing good.

All About Chuck’s Revolutionary Book: “Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea”

The Participation Age is Already here.book

In the traditional office, employees are told when to show up, what time recess and lunch are, and exactly what they should do while they are there.  Pretty much the same way we would treat a five-year-old.  But we have entered a new era called The Participation Age, and the hallmark of the Participation Age is “sharing”.  It demands that we encourage people to move from being employees to self-managed Stakeholders, and that they share in the creative process of building the company together.

You’re too busy making money. No business can survive that.

There is no turning back.  The Industrial Age is behind us and the Participation Age is fully upon us.  People today want to Make Meaning, not just money.  To get there, we have to recognize and confront the seven core business diseases of the Industrial Age that were developed for the Factory system.  Those management practices will not serve us in the Participation Age.  The cure has become the disease.

“Why Employees” shares the stories of companies in every industry that have already made this leap from the Industrial age to the Participation Age.

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