235 – Caren Merrick: CEO, Pocket Mentor, Author, Speaker

Caren MerrickCaren Merrick is an entrepreneur who has started a variety of enterprises, including cofounding the global software company webMethods, growing it from 2 people to a Nasdaq traded company with $200 million in revenue and 1,100 employees worldwide.  She’s the creator of the Pocket Mentor mobile app,  serves on several Nasdaq company boards, and loves to help businesses, nonprofits, and leaders grow and succeed.

Earlier in her career, she was co-founder, President, and Chairman of the webMethods Foundation, a pioneering corporate foundation that made grants supporting innovative nonprofits that lift thousands of low income families out of poverty through education.

She’s been an angel investor, executive, or board member for a wide variety of enterprises – working with highly talented teams in consumer and enterprise technology, healthcare, and airport systems.

In the struggles and the triumphs of growing a business and a career, she has truly been there and done that.

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Caren’s career is a prime example of what is possible with an education.

As the first woman in her family to earn a college degree, while supporting herself, she attended classes and worked at the Placement and Career Planning Center at UCLA.

She didn’t really start college until she was 25, (my parents separated during my senior year of high school, and soon divorced. By then, she was living on her own and just didn’t have the courage or confidence to support herself while earning a university degree, until she challenged her doubts and false assumptions about what is possible.)

She overcame many obstacles and once she decided to fulfill her dream of a college education, completed her bachelor’s degree in three years.

The process of achieving that one important goal unleashed confidence, new habits, and more doors of opportunity than I could have imagined.

I love to help people and companies unleash their potential in work and life!

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