Antong Lucky – Part 1 | From Incarceration to a Life of Activism

This is Part 1 of an inspirational leadership conversation with Antong “Kiddo” Lucky.

Antong was the founder of the “415 Dallas Bloods”, Antong Lucky, transformed himself into a redemptive leader and impactful activist.

Through his descent into the futile hopelessness of gang culture, his spiritual & leadership awakening in prison, and his courageous contrarian activism, viewers will be inspired by Antong’s dynamic energy of compassion. 

This is a story of adversity & personal accountability. By witnessing Antong’s idea of Radical Empathy, viewers will aspire to reveal the best of themselves, the essential decency of humankind, & the shape of the days to come. 

This conversation has the poor and impoverished, the rich and famous; politicians, preachers, and peace makers. It’s a 21- year journey of activism that is exemplary and inspirational. This series ends on an aspirational note providing real solutions that can heal our divisions and tackle our urgent problems of today. 

Part 2 of this conversation will come out on May 9th, 2022.

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Check out Antong’s book A Redemptive Path Forward