Here we’re dedicated to the pursuit of authentic and courageous leadership.  A place where everyone learns how to think & act like a leader – unceasingly seeking curiosity, bold action & common sense in these divisive & uncommon times. 

The goal is to become a more COMPOSED, CONFIDENT, CONSISTENT, COURAGEOUS, & COMPASSIONATE leader in every aspect of our lives.

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Learn How to Become More Composed Confident Consistent Courageous Compassionate

Here at Dose of Leadership we're committed to creating authentic lives of significance & consequence

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In a sea of 2.7-million podcasts, Dose of Leadership is ranked as one of the top 0.5% of all shows globally and is regularly a top 25 Business Management podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Micro-Dose of Mindset | Revisiting a Conversation With Barbara Corcoran

Limiting beliefs, self-doubt, imposter syndrome…unfortunately these are realities we all have to deal with on our path towards living lives of significance and consequence. The Good News…We’re not alone. We’re not “wrong” if our mind is your own worst enemy.  We’re not “sick”.  We’re...

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Jessica Tracy | How Authentic Pride Produces Success

In this episode, leading psychologist Jessica Tracy reveals how our most misunderstood emotion—pride—has shaped our minds and our culture, and shows how we can harness its power. Why did Paul Gauguin abandon middle-class life to follow the path of a starving artist? What explains the...

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Micro-Dose of Accountability | Revisiting Gene Kranz Conversation

In this episode we revisit Richard’s conversation with Gene Kranz, former NASA Flight Director, and how accountability was imperative in creating a culture of trust and smart risk-taking. The full Gene Kranz conversation can be found on Episode-05 dated January 22nd, 2013.

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With over 500 episodes to explore, there’s no shortage of premium leadership content on the Dose of Leadership Podcast.  From engaging conversations with top thought leaders & entrepreneurs, to compact leadership advice from Richard himself, there’s something for everyone.

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Meet Richard Rierson

Richard Rierson has over 30 years of real-world, practical leadership experience as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer, professional aviator, & corporate executive at the Vice President & Director level.

He’s maniacally passionate about leadership & believes that it’s central to every aspect of our lives. Central to his philosophy is that all of our leadership challenges should be met with the lifelong dedication & pursuit of becoming composed, confident, consistent, courageous, & compassionate.

In addition to being a sought after Speaker, Coach, & Consultant, he is the host of the highly acclaimed Dose of Leadership Podcast.


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