Dose of Leadership Consulting Services

Our passion is helping organizations dramatically improve productivity and performance.

All work is collaborative, with deep involvement with client personnel and all available resources.  Every engagement is focused on transferring effective skills to the client.

All engagements are generally completed within one to six months; working against mutually agreed objectives with clearly defined outcomes that are aligned with the client’s business goals.

We despise “flavor of the month” methodologies and overly cumbersome “process improvement” management techniques.  Instead we focus on common sense leadership principles, investment in people, streamlined systems, & a decentralized decision making culture of leadership.

This investment, however, does not require additional resources, but rather a redeployment of talents and resources already present.


Our Philosophy

We keep things simple: Everything we do is around improving our client’s condition.


  • Utilizing Existing Talent
  • Utilizing Existing Resources
  • Directing Talents & Resources Inward
  • Timely & Specific Projects

What We Do

We understand that there are basically 10 areas of dysfunction that prevent organizations from achieving maximum effectiveness. We specialize in countering each of these organizational challenges.

  • Inept Leadership Behaviors

    Key leadership fails to model the required behaviors they seek in others

  • Silos

    There are multiple silos headed by territorial leaders who blindly defend their turf

  • Lack of Innovation

    Cumbersome problem solving is preferred over innovation, bogging the organization down with mediocrity

  • Departmental Interference

    Excessive interference, instead of support, exists from critical departmental functions (i.e. HR, Legal, Finance, IT)

  • Death by Meetings

    There are too many lengthy meetings overwhelmingly focused on sharing information

  • Perception Misalignment

    The customer’s perceptions of the organization are completely different than the organization’s perceptions

  • Ineffective Feedback & Reward System

    If a feedback/reward system even exists, it’s not aligned with the purpose of the business and fails to encourage appropriate behaviors

  • Lack of Execution

    Strategic Planning & Strategic Execution are treated as two separate events instead of a “distinction without a difference”

  • Bureaucracy & Churn Reigns

    The organization focus on methods & process instead of Intent & outcomes. “Working the Plan” is valued over “Working the Objective”.

Richard Rierson has over 25 years real world, practical leadership experience as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer, professional aviator, & corporate executive at the Vice President & Director level.

He’s maniacally passionate about leadership & believe that it’s central to every aspect of our lives. Central to his philosophy is that all of our leadership challenges should be met with the lifelong dedication & pursuit of becoming composed, confident, consistent, & courageous.

Leadership is his passion and promotes the belief that we will only be as successful as our ability to lead effectively.

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